Panasonic AG-7650 Video Cassette Player

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AG-7650 Video Cassette Player is a professional playback-only deck. It can be used for playback to the AG-7500A for a cuts-only edit system. See photos for inputs/outputs, remote options, etc.

  • Panasonic VCP – AG-7650HP, AG-7650
  • Hi-Fi Audio / Dolby System
  • Tracking
  • TBC Control
  • Chroma Level Adjustment
  • Faroudja Laboratories
  • Built-in Fully Adjustable Time Base Corrector 
  • Field Freeze Jog/Shuttle 
  • Logical Comb Filter 
  • Dial On Screen Menu Function 
  • High-Speed FF/REW 
  • Automatic Head Cleaning Mechanism 
  • Framing Servo System 
  • Dolby. 4 Channels of Audio 
  • 9-pin RS-422 Serial or 34-pin Parallel Remote Control 
  • Built-in SMPTE Time Code 
  • Tracking Control w/ Tracking Meter 
  • Balanced XLR Audio 
  • S-Video, Composite & 7-pin Dub Video Connections 
  • Fully adjustable built-in TBC Proc Amp Controls 
  • Digital Decoder 
  • Built-in Digital Chroma 
  • Noise Reduction 
  • External Sync Input 
  • S-VHS or VHS Edit & Playback Operation