Panasonic AG-DVC7 750x + Petrol DV Proline Camera Bag


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  • High Quality 15 X Optical Zoom Lens
    Good glass is the best start to good video. The AG-DVC7 has a 15 times optical zoom lens (3.1 – 46.5mm) that is up to the task of industrial video acquisition. In a pinch, the operator may chose to engage the digital zoom function (which goes all the way to 750 X!) to get closer to the action. The camera has a large, smooth operating, touch sensitive rocker switch conveniently located on the handgrip.
  • Sophisticated Recording with Automatic Settings
    The shoulder mounted AG-DVC7 has an impressive complement of automatic features to help the busy videographer get the most important shots in almost any conditions. A digital stabilization circuit helps the shooter get jitter-free video in almost anywhere. Auto tracing white balance lets the shooter go from daylight to tungsten lighting conditions (and back, if you like) without stopping to custom white balance. Several auto exposure programs address common shooting situations. Sporting events, beach or skiing locations, portrait shooting, backlight or spotlight conditions are all covered.
  • Ubiquitous DV Format for World-Wide Convenience
    You cannot dispute the numbers. 8-bit, 4:1:1 color sampling, 5:1 compression, and 25mbps data rate, and over 500 lines of resolution to tape all result in professional looking video acquisition. Mini DV tapes are inexpensive and available most everywhere. Convenient 60-minute tapes puts everything down in a logical standard. Audio is likewise recorded digitally and the format supports up to 4 channels of audio directly onto the tape.
  • Manual and Auto Functions
    Depending on the shooting conditions, you may choose to jog between auto and manual focus, iris, shutter, white balance and audio level control. The lucky operator can take all the credit him/herself with full knowledge that the camera almost always can get the shots needed, even in difficult conditions.
  • Input or Output Your Video Analog or Digital
    IEEE-1394 or Firewire is a digital in and out that can transfer video to or from a VTR (video tape recorder) or computer, as you would expect from a digital camcorder. But don’t stop there. The AG-DVC7 has analog ins and outs, too. Transfer video from your television, VCR, DVD or another camcorder if you like.
  • Built-In LCD Monitor
    Tired of maintaining, transporting and setting up a location monitor? The attached 2.5-inch color LCD monitor gives you the option to leave it home. It is positionable to almost any angle including self-portrait position
Removed from corporate working environment.
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