Panasonic BT-LH2600WP 26″ Widescreen HD/SD LCD Monitor (1 Line of Pixels Bad)

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Tested. Removed from corporate working environment.  Far left column of pixels do not work.  Images shown are of actual item.
This display’s 26″ diagonal yields four 13″ pictures when used with a quad splitter. It includes a waveform monitor with superimposed function that graphically displays luminance levels from -5 IRE to 108 IRE in any of the monitor’s four corners, and a freeze frame function allows frame grabs for image comparison or analysis of the entire frame or its center alone.

Other features include CineGamma™ compensation expressly for use in VariCam FILM-REC monitoring, amplified stereo speakers (two RCA pin jacks input or embedded audio on SD/HD-SDI included), and audio level meters superimposed and see-through for up to eight channels from HD-SDI.

In addition to GPI and RS-232C ports for external control, the monitor’s built-in menu can be positioned in five different screen locations. The menu includes control of the built-in fan, preset or manual video control adjustments with indicator lights for non-unity settings, and a three-level tally lamp (red, green or amber). Color temperature is user-adjustable to D9300K, D6500K, or D5600K, and there is a 2.35:1 anamorphic mode for viewing 16:9 cameras with an anamorphic lens adapter.

• True 16 x 9 aspect ratio
• Resolution (1,366 x 768)
• Audio Level Meter (up to eight channels from HD-SDI)
• Embedded Audio capability built-in
• 80% of 4 x 3 safety marker can now be seen in 16 x 9 mode
• “Pixel to Pixel” mode for 720p or 1080i HD signals for critical focusing
• 26” Diagonal yields (4) 13” pictures when used with a quad splitter (Miranda or Evertz)
• High-speed response (no blurring during panning because of our overdrive circuit)
• Waveform Monitor (a super imposed function that graphically displays luminance level from -5 IRE to 108 IRE in any of the monitor’s 4 corners)
• Freeze Frame (entire frame or centre)
• Split Screen (live input versus freeze frame)
• 2 SD/HD-SDI inputs (auto sensor)
• Frame marker lines (4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1)
• Five programmable / user-defined function buttons
• Diagonal line compensation2 smoothes out jagged noise
• Horizontal / Vertical viewing angle (176°)
• Cine Gamma compensation
• Component input on BNC connectors
• Amplified stereo speakers
• One piece design (does not require separate AC power supply)

Dimensions: 26.09″W x 17.63″H x 4.5″D / 19 lbs