Panasonic ET-DLE450 Ultra Long Throw Projector Lens 79.6-125.2mm f/1.8-2.4


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The Panasonic ET-DLE450 79.6-125.2mm f/1.8-2.4 Power Zoom Lens adds flexibility for presentations given in large venues. Use the lens when the projector needs to be positioned far away from the screen but large image size needs to be maintained. The zoom feature allows a variety of projector distances while keeping image size consistent. It is compatible with the PT-DZ6710 / DZ6710U / DZ6710UL / DZ6700 / DZ6700U / DZ6700UL / PT-6300S / DW6300US / DW6300ULS / D6000S / D6000US / D6000ULS / PT-6000US and PT-6000ULS projectors.


-Removed from working corporate environment.

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