Pioneer DVD-V7400 Professional DVD Player NO Remote (PAIR)


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  • High Reliability
    Equipped with a high-performance brushless spindle motor. Combined with a heat and dust resistant enclosure, this will give you a high level of durability in tough environments that industrial applications demand.
  • Mouse Control 
    By connecting a standard PS/2 mouse directly to the front panel of the player, users can perform a variety of operations, including menu selections (during DVD video playback), player control and setup. Similar to operating a computer with a mouse.
  • Interface Options 
    The DB-15 computer interface connector provides additional signal lines that allow simple external switches to select DVD menu items or execute Barcode Stack/Command Stack functions. For example, with a simple contact closure switch, 70 separate commands, including Play, Pause, etc., can be performed. This allows sophisticated custom control from a simple and inexpensive user input device.
  • RS-232C Control Terminal 
    Enables connection to an external device such as a computer or custom controller. The player’s mnemonic command protocol is backward compatible with Pioneer’s other industrial LaserDisc and DVD-Video players. This compatibility makes it possible to use LaserDisc control programs with little revision and to control features unique to DVD, such as multi-angle and sub-picture.
  • DVD Barcode
    Allows video and audio playback control by scanning printed barcodes with the optional barcode reader. In addition, DVD Barcode is fully compatible with the LD Laser Barcode system, so the same barcode reader can be used for both DVD and LD discs.
  • User Response Tracking 
    Allows the tracking of user selections and the storage of data in the player’s non-volatile Flash RAM. The data can then be retrieved to evaluate user selections and preferences. This feature is perfect for kiosk and point of purchase & information installations.
  • Faster & Seamless Frame Searches 
    Features an advanced frame search function that offers the precision of random access, frame accurate search required in many industrial applications. Cuts average search times in half (depending on the search point). Moreover, all frame search operations are now completely seamless with the player’s expanded video buffer.
  • External Sync Playback 
    An external blackburst sync signal can be applied and looped through the EXT SYNC IN/OUT terminals to enable clean switching with other video sources, as well as frame synchronization when using multiple players.
  • Barcode Stack/Command Stack 
    Allows the user to save video play lists into the player’s non-volatile flashram (up to 300 command lines, organized in up to 150 groups) for automatic recall and display. Playback of single commands or stacks of several linked commands is possible. Users can input command sequences via remote control, barcode reader or RS-232C control.
  • Video Blackboard
    With a standard PS/2 mouse, users can draw over video to illustrate key images on the screen. Graphics can be created over still or moving video images. The user can add free-hand and pre-defined graphic objects in eight colors and enter text using a standard PS/2 keyboard. Video in and out points can be saved in the player’s memory to enable automatic or special display of graphics and text during video playback.
  • Weekly Timer and Power ON 
    This function lets you simultaneously set the player’s ON and OFF times and set particular video segments for playback on each day of the week. For added flexibility, the timer memory accommodates up to 24 events per week. Users can distribute the commands throughout the week, as required by their specific application.
    The player can also immediately display the DVD disc’s first-play menu upon Power ON Start. This unique function is ideal for exhibits, point-of-purchase and information, and retail display applications.

The DVD-V7400 DVD/CD Player is ideal for a variety of professional and industrial applications, including in-store sales promotions, education, corporate training, museums and exhibitions, video walls, trade shows and public presentations. Take a closer look and you’ll be amazed at what this DVD-Video player can do for your business.

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