Powersoft PF000270 K2 DSP AESOP 4P Touring Series Amplifier (B Stock)

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Description Description:

Capable of delivering 4,800 watts, the K2 DSP+AESOP is the smallest amplifier in the K Series, at least at first glance. One may wonder how ‘small’ almost 5,000 watts of output power are, but other than that this amplifier leaves no questions unanswered. Built on the same unique technologies and features present in the much bigger models, it is a full-fledged member of Powersoft’s most advanced line.

Features Features:
  • Unequaled Class D design with fixed switching frequency
  • Universal switch mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Green Audio Power®: more amplifier output power from the AC mains power distribution due to >85% efficiency
  • Excellent sonic quality by design, including amp clip limiters and patented ripple cancellation network
  • Proven reliability, yet downloadable log file of all functional fault events with time-related trace
  • Numerous amp/system/venue parameters can be configured, locked, and monitored; i.e. AC mains voltage/current draw to protect from breaker tripping
  • Top-grade DSP with high dynamic range and extensive feature set
  • Separate input/output EQ’s with numerous filters of various types up to 48 dB/oct (IIR), linear phase (FIR), and hybrid (FIR+IIR)
  • Sophisticated limiter system comprising peak, RMS voltage, RMS current, and TruePower™ limiting
  • Speaker wire compensation with Active DampingControl™
  • LiveImpedance™ load monitoring with regular musical signal
  • Fully digitally controlled amplifier providing feedback of all status information
  • 4-port AESOP Ethernet/AES3 interface allowing daisy-chaining and redundant ring architecture
  • Fully manageable via Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software, intuitive system setup and maintenance, control and monitoring
  • AES3 digital audio distribution over Cat-5e cable: two streams equaling four analog channels, low latency, glitchless fallback to analog backup signal
  • Mono-bridgeable amplifier channels; switch for linking analog signal inputs
  • AC inrush current limiting; channel output voltage limiting
  • Digital gain attenuator for gain/sensitivity selection
In The Box
  • Powersoft K2 DSP AESOP 4P Touring Series Amplifier (B Stock)
  • AC Power Cord

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24 × 24 × 8 in
  • Weight: 35 lbs