Powersoft X4L DSP+Eth 4-Channel Power Amp with DSP, Ethernet




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Description Description:

The Powersoft X4L provides the output voltage required by high-performance loudspeakers. Powersoft’s power supply can be used with Single Phase, Bi-Phase or Three Phase operation from 85 VAC up to 460 VAC without the need of manual selection. Powersoft X4L delivers four fully processable channels and selectable inputs from analog sources as well as digital AES3 and two redundant Dante* streams.

Features Features:
  • Suitable for Single-Phase, Bi-Phase or Three-Phase operation
  • Power Load Balancing with Power Factor Correction enhances efficiency in power distribution.
  • Smart Rails Management increases efficiency by means of the dynamic rails modulation.
  • The legendary Powersoft Green Audio Power® technology improves efficiency and minimizes the ‘carbon footprint’ and the operational costs.
  • Flexible routing/mixing provided by the internal 4x4 input/output matrix, allows the user to mix and route analog and digital I/O.
  • Complete user interface integrated into ArmoníaPlus™.
  • WiFi remote monitoring through mobile devices.
  • Top-grade DSP with high dynamic range and extensive feature set.
  • Multi-stage signal processing: innovative solutions for modeling the speaker's behavior and power handling.
  • Input and output IIR, FIR, IIR+FIR equalizers and raised-cosine filters.
  • Complete sets of limiters: peak, RMS voltage, RMS current, and TruePower™.
  • Compensation of the speaker cable losses with Active DampingControl™.
In The Box
  • Powersoft X4L DSP+Eth 4-Channel Power Amp with DSP, Ethernet

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19 × 20 × 4 in
  • Weight: 53 lbs