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The Q-SYS Core 3100 Enterprise Core is a software-based audio, video and control appliance for the Q-SYS Ecosystem.  It leverages the power Intel™ processing along with the robustness and mission-critical reliability of a Linux™ operating system to offer an abundance of raw processing power for all audio, video and control requirements.  It features up to 512 x 512 low-latency network audio channels along with 192 channels of software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).

  • Scalable Processing Power - The Core 3100 is powered by a high-performance Intel processor, ensuring it can handle the most demanding audio and video processing tasks. Its scaleable architecture allows businesses to expand their AV infrastructure without compromising performance.
  • dvanced Audio Processing - Q-SYS is renowned for its superior audio processing capabilities, and the Core 3100 lives up to this reputation. It supports a vast array of audio formats and offers comprehensive signal routing, mixing, and DSP processing capabilities.
  • Video Integration - This Enterprise Core seamlessly integrates with video conferencing systems, streaming devices, and displays, enabling crystal-clear video conferences, presentations, and content sharing. It supports both HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs.
  • Control and Monitoring - The Core 3100 provides robust control and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to manage their AV systems efficiently. It supports popular control protocols such as Q-SYS Control, SNMP, and RESTful APIs, making it compatible with third-party control systems.
  • Redundancy and Reliability - Businesses depend on their AV systems, so the Core 3100 is designed with redundancy in mind. It offers hardware and software redundancy options to ensure uninterrupted operation even in critical environments.
  • Network Flexibility - It's equipped with a variety of network interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, SFP+ ports, and Thunderbolt, allowing for flexible network connectivity and integration into diverse IT infrastructures.

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