ROSCO X-Effects LED Projector RGBW w/ 50-Deg. Lens & Dynamic X-Effects Gobo & Power Cable (NON RDM)

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Tested. Removed From Working Corporate Environment. Refer to Images. Includes Power/Data Cable.

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Description Description:

The X-Effects LED Projector – RGBW is a color-mixing fixture that creates dynamic lighting effects in wide range of indoor or outdoor applications. The unit’s effects are created by projecting colored light through the edges of two rotating pieces of Effects Glass that are mounted off-center of the optical path. This results in a projection with linear motion for creating reflected water, blowing fire, northern lights and other vivid, animated lighting effects.

Dimensions: 11″ x 9″ x 6″
Weight 11 lbs

Features Features:
  • Vivid Lighting Effects
  • Designed For Use Indoors Or Outdoors
  • Customizable Effects Engines
  • Quiet Operation
  • Manual & DMX Controls - RDM Compatible
About The Box
  • ROSCO X-Effects LED Projector RGBW
  • 50-Deg. Lens
  • Dynamic X-Effects Gobo
  • Data/UTL Cable
  • Dimensions: 22 × 16 × 7 in
  • Weight: 16 lbs