Sony CCU-D50 Digital Camera Control Unit

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The CCU-D50 is a camera control unit that can be connected via camera adaptors such as the CA-D50 to DXC-D35/D50/D55 series digital video cameras or to DSR-370/570WS series or other DV camcorders.
•Connecting a CA-D50 camera adaptor allows video signals to be transmitted digitally for low signal degradation. (Audio signal transmission is not digital.)
•Connecting a CA-D50 camera adaptor with CCZ cable allows digital video signals to be transmitted up to 75 m (about 246 feet), and analog video signals up to 300 m (about 999 feet).
• The unit has functions to support transmission of return video, prompter signals, and microphone audio.
• The unit has functions for red and green tally and an intercom system.
Removed from corporate working environment. Powers on, NOT FULLY TESTED. Listing is for unit in this condition.
Slight Damage to SDI IN (Shown in photos). 
Weight: pending
Dimensions: 17x13x4