SONY DSR-30 Professional DVCAM Digital Videotape Recorder


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  • DVCAM Recording and Playback The DSR30 uses the DVCAM format to provide high video and audio quality and reliability for professional use. The 8-bit component digital recording with a 5:1 compression ratio and sampling at the rate of 4:1:1 provides superb picture quality.
  • DV Playback The DSR30 is also capable of playing back the consumer DV format tape in both the standard and mini sizes (SP mode only).
  • 184-minute Recording There are two sizes of DVCAM videocassette tapes: mini and standard. In spite of the narrow tape width (1/4-inch or 6.35 mm) and a compact cassette size, up to 184-minute recording is possible with a standard cassette (PDV-184ME)
  • DV IN/OUT (IEEE 1394 based) The DSR30 has a DV In/Out based on IEEE 1394. When connected with another recorder with a DV In/Out, the DSR30 provides a video/audio and data dubbing capability, with virtually no deterioration of quality.
  • LANC Editing The DSR30 is equipped with LANC connectors. By connecting the DSR30 with another LANC based recorder or camcorder, TC-based accurate editing is possible. Even without an editing controller, the DSR30 is capable of assemble editing
  • Dual Cassette Mechanism The DSR30 incorporates a dual cassette mechanism that accepts both mini and standard size DVCAM cassette tapes without an adapter.
  • Built-in Control Tray The DSR30 has a built-in control tray that can be easily extended from the main unit. The Jog/Shuttle dial allows picture search at +-1/5 to 15 times normal speed in both forward and reverse, accompanied by audio playback at the same speed
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