SONY DSR-45 Professional DVCAM Digital Videotape Recorder (FOR PARTS)

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For Parts.  Unit powers on but does not function properly.

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Description Description:

The DSR-45 is a versatile DVCAM digital video recorder that is perhaps the best in its class. Place the DSR-45 in a small to medium sized production house to create an ideal system for both nonlinear editing and linear A/B roll editing as a source feeder. Whether editing weddings, corporate training videos or cable television programs, the DSR-45 gets the job done in a timely manner with professional results. Its i.LINK(R) interface allows seamless integration into compatible DV-based editing suites.

Dimensions: 15″L x 9″W x 5″H/ 10 lb


Features Features:
  • DVCAM and DV Format Compatible Incorporates the DVCAM format offering superior video and audio quality for broadcast and professional use. Capable of recording and playing the consumer DV format (SP mode only), allowing a maximum of 270 minutes of recording time.
  • Compact Size Space-saving half-rack size width and two unit (2U) height.
  • Built-in 2 Inch LCD Display 123,200 pixel built-in LCD monitor for monitoring the camera picture, playback of the recorded picture, or viewing menu settings. The monitor can also display the levels for the four channels of audio. The audio levels can be viewed separately.
  • Standard and MiniDV Cassette Size Compatible The DSR-25 accommodates the two industry standard sizes of DVCAM and DV videocassette tapes; standard size and miniDV size.
  • Analog Component Video IN/OUT The DSR-45 has both an analog component input and output, allowing a versatile interface with current analog equipment and systems.
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  • SONY DSR-45 Professional DVCAM Digital Videotape Recorder