Sony DVW 2000P Digital Betacam Pal Editing VTR w/ Case


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The Sony DVW-2000 is the new and more efficient Digital Betacam player and recorder. The unit is significantly smaller, lighter, more energy efficient and more durable than its predecessor, the DVW-500. The deck comes equipped with almost every analog and digital video and audio connector and with an optional board it can output HDTV video in either 720p or 1080i formats.

The DVW-2000 is the studio player/recorder for the high-quality Digital Betacam format. This format is the highest quality Standard Definition acquisition format available. It is commonly utilized as a final mastering format and the format preferred for distribution and broadcast transmission. In addition to the amazing quality of video, the deck gives the user full access to 4 channels of uncompressed digital audio.

Dimensions: 28x14x29 / 96 lbs

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