Sony DXC-950 3-CCD Color Video Camera

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Ideal for a variety of sports, traffic, weather and industrial inspection applications, Sony’s DXC950 is a compact, 1/2″ 3-CCD IT camera with 750 TV lines of horizontal resolution and 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio.With F9.4 sensitivity at 2000lux, the DXC950 can capture high quality images in difficult lighting conditions.The DXC950 is also designed for use in microscopy, portrait and proof applications.Its flash synchronization function enables the DXC950 to identify any shot immediately when connected to a monitor or printer. With a three-pattern light monitoring system, it can concentrate light on a given area, making it invaluable for microscopy applications. IN addition, the built-in RS232C interface allows for easy operation via external computer.
  • 1/2-inch Three CCD Power HAD™ camera
  • 750 TV lines of horizontal resolution
  • 60 dB signal to noise ratio
  • F9.5 sensitivity at 2000 lux
  • Built in RS-232C control capability
  • Master and synchronized strobe function
  • The DXC-950 is remarkably compact and lightweight (146.7 L x 70 W x 72 H mm/670g). It can be easily installed even where space is at a premium.
  • Various camera control functions can be easily and quickly set by the MENU/FUNCTION/DATA buttons on the camera’s rear panel, the optional RM-C950 Remote Control Unit or an external computer. The function menu can be displayed on a monitor using the camera component, Y/C. RGB or composite video signal outputs.
  • The DXC-950 provides precise camera control with new advanced functions such as linear matrix, shading compensation, master pedestal, gamma selection and detail level which enable optimal image color and contrast to be reproduced whatever the situation.
  • The DXC-950 has the ability to switch between Field or Frame CCD integration modes with the function menu buttons on the camera’s rear panel or by using the optional RM-C950. Field integration is effective for capturing moving objects, since the charges combined from adjacent lines are integrated over one field (1/60s) and the picture lag is reduced when compared to frame integrates.
  • The DXC-950 features a variable speed electronic shutter built into the CCD imagers, making it possible to capture blur-free, clear pictures of high speed moving objects. In addition to the conventional eight step shutter speed selection, Long Term Exposure and Clear Scan™ is available by manually selecting shutter speeds by 1 frame or 1 H steps respectively.
  • The CCD Iris function, a development originated by Sony, automatically controls exposure by electronically adjusting for incoming light levels. This function is equivalent to six F steps in lens iris and is effective in microscopy applications.
  • The DXC-950 has three white balance control modes such as AWB, ATW, and Manual (R/B Gain) to meet a wide range of operational conditions.
  • When desired to observe a spot in a given picture intensively, it is possible to concentrate light to that area so that the object becomes easy to detect under appropriate light condition. Three pattern light metering areas, Large (75%), Medium (50%) and Spot (25%) can be chosen according to the light condition of the object.
  • This function enables the DXC-950 to be used in a photo proof or portrait application by synchronizing the DXC-950 with a flash so that any shot can be identified at once using a connected monitor or printer. Flash synchronization is available when an external flash unit or photo flash slave unit is connected to the DXC-950.
  • In addition to a BNC connector providing a composite signal output, the DXC-950 has a 9-pin D-sub output connector for component and RGB signals. A Y/C or VBS signal is also available from the 9-pin D-sub connector simultaneously and is selected by the function menu control buttons on the camera’s rear panel or with the optional RM-C950 Remote Control Unit.
  • The DXC-950 is equipped with an RS-232C interface, allowing the camera to be remotely controlled from an external computer by using a 8-pin connector.
  • The DXC-950 can be synchronized with a VBS or a BS signal from other equipment and includes an SC/H phase adjustment control.
  • Full color bars (SMPTE) can be generated as a test signal source for system and monitor adjustment.
  • The DXC-950 can be remotely controlled from the optional RM-C950 and CCU-M5A. The RM-C950 operates all functions on the camera rear panel, along with zoom, focus and iris function. The CCU-M5A camera control unit is suitable for users who would like to control the camera from a distance.
  • The DXC-950 is designed to accept 1/2″ bayonet mount lenses. A dual hot shoe connection is also provided to eliminate the need for a lens to camera interconnection cable. 2/3″ mount lenses can also be used by connecting the optional LO-32BMT lens mount adaptor.
  • Horizontal Resolution: 750TV lines
  • Sensitivity: F9.5 at 2000 lux
  • White Balance: ATW,AWB (R/B Paint: -7 to 0 to +7)MANU (R/B Gain: -99 to 0 to +99)
  • Connectors: LENS (6-pin)RGB/SYNC (D-sub 9-pin)GENLOCK IN (BNC)DC IN/REMOTE (12-pin)VIDEO OUT (BNC)CCU (20-pin)FLASH (Synchronous socket)Remote (8-pin)
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