Sony DXC-D30 Digital Video Recorder

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The Sony DXC-D30 is an epoch-making digital video camera designed as the ton-end model for
professionals. Incorporating Sony’s latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology based on
the TruEye process, the DXC-D30 realizes the faithful color reproduction never experienced with
conventional analog and digital cameras. On top of that, drastic smear reduction and high
sensitivity achieved by the newly developed Power HAD CCD provide more shooting
opportunities, while maintaining the high picture quality.
The DXC-D30 is a camera fitting the current analog acquisition system as well as Sony new production system based on DVCAM digital recording format. It directly docks not only to the existing camera adaptors or the current analog on-board VTRs such as the PVV-3, but also to the newly developed DSR-1 DVCAM Digital Recorder. In the DVCAM-based system, the DXCD30 combined with the DSR-1 is capable of ClipLink function -automatic logging of the shotdata onto the DVCAM Cassette Tape. This data is conveyed to the final editing system, cutting down lots of time and work before the editing.
The DXC-D30 is also superior in the operational convenience. Responding to the increasing demands from professionals, it provides a. variety of automatic functions with high performance and functionality In addition, Camera Setup File management function is provided for the needs to store or duplicate the camera setup data. With all these features packed in its compact camera body, the DXC-D30 creates a new world of acquisition in a wide spectrum of applications.
. TruEye Process
. Real Time Self Diagnostics
. High Picture Quality
. High Stability and Uniformity
. Detail Corrections by DSP
. Skin Detail with Auto Detection of Active Area
. Black Halo-Free, Clean Detail
. Red Vertical Detail Correction
. Horizontal Detail Frequency Control
. Power HAD CCD
Removed from corporate working environment.
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