Sony DXC-D55WS Camera w/ RCP-D50 + CCU-TX50 + DXF-51 & DXF-801 Viewfinder

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Tested.  Control unit cable included. Triax cable NOT included.


Sony DXC Series standard definition (SD) production cameras have been widely accepted by a great number of video professionals around the world, due to their excellent picture performance, system versatility, and cost efficiency. Sony is now proud to introduce the new DXC-D55 Series which uses the latest 14-bit A/D conversion circuit as well as the field-proven 2/3-inch type Power HAD™ EX CCDs to further enhance the DXC portfolio.

The DXC-D55 Series consists of two cameras: the DXC-D55 4:3 model, and the DXC-D55WS 16:9/4:3 switchable model. Both models incorporate three 2/3-inch type Power HAD EX CCDs and the latest 14-bit A/D conversion circuit. These key devices deliver excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, together with reduced smear level compared to that of the previous model. In addition to superb picture quality, these cameras offer extremely precise and flexible image controls such as highlight control, contrast control, and detail control, thanks to the sophisticated DSP LSI with more than 30-bit accuracy.