Sony HDW-D1800 CineAlta HDCAM Studio Editing Recorder w/ ATA Case – 1273 Drum Hrs


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Playback TESTED and in great condition!  Operation Hours:  4416; Drum Hours:  1273.  Removed from working corporate environment.

-Also includes the HKDW-104 option board which adds the ability to output converted 720P signals (playing back 1080i material), and the 2-3 pull-down capability (enables 23.98PsF/24PsF material to be output as 59.94i signals).


  • HDCAM format: The HDCAM format uses the same 12.65-mm width tape as the conventional Betacam series. It provides high definition images, offering up to two hours of recording. High-quality 20bit/48kHz digital audio is supported in HDCAM format and there are four digital audio input/output channels
  • Legacy playback: Digital Betacam or MPEG IMX recorded tapes can be played back and the VTR can output SD and HD signals at the same time by using SD to HD built-in up converter
  • Control panel with LCD display: The control panel contains an LCD display unit to display various types of information including time data. The display mode can be changed to show the video which is currently recorded or played back
  • Function menu: You can use the function buttons on the LCD display and the MULTI CONTROL knob to easily carry out many of the operations and make many of settings supported by the unit. The current settings can be checked on the LCD display
  • DMC editing: This allows automatic editing with a varying playback speed memorized beforehand for an edit segment
  • Pre-read editing: This allow you to playback pre-recorded video and audio material, edit it by applying effects with an external device, and then recorded in real time on the same tape
  • Cross-fade editing: In audio editing, you can fade the audio track. You can select cut-in, fade-in, fade-out or cross-fade
  • Built-in down converter: This unit has HD to SD down converter function and can output SD SDI and analog composite signals as well as HD SDI
  • Remote control function: This unit can be controlled from an external remote controller or editor through an interface complying with RS-422A (Sony 9pin). Additionally a parallel (50pin) interface is also fitted as standard, supporting easy external control through the parallel interface
  • 3-2 pull down playback and 720P output function (optional): The HKDW-104 option board can be installed in this unit to carry out 3-2 pull down playback and 720P output
  • HDV (i.LINK) input (optional): The HKDW-105 option board can be installed in this unit to record the i.LINK (HDV) signals from HDV devices onto HDCAM tapes

NOTE:  Does not include monitor shown in images.

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