Sony HKSR-90PL Upgrade Kit

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Upgrades the SRW-9000 Camcorder to 35mm sensor and PL Mount compatibility The SRW-9000 is the first of Sony’s HDCAM SR camcorders to offer an upgradable image block. Already one of the finest 2/3” camcorders on the market, every SRW-9000 is now upgradable to a 35mm sensor for use with PL-Mount lenses. The factory-fitted upgrade brings the performance of the SRW-9000 to the level of the acclaimed F35, Sony’s flagship modular digital cinematography video camera. The Super 35mm CCD sensor offers exactly the same sensitivity, signal to noise and Dynamic range as the F35 together with full RGB ramping from 1 to 50 FPS. PL Mount compatibility brings camera operators and directors all the benefits of “traditional” film making together with the numerous advantages of digital cinematography. It gives them access to a huge range of lenses, and the narrow, cinematic depth of field that is such a desirable characteristic of film cameras.


  • Upgraded Imaging System
    Brings F35 imaging quality and features to the SRW-9000. Upgrades the SRW-9000’s
    standard-issue 2/3” sensor to the same superlative 35mm device that has attracted praise
    for the F35.
  • PL Mount
    At the same time as upgrading the SRW-9000 to a bigger sensor, the lens mount format is
    changed to the cinematography industry-standard PL (Positive Lock) Mount. Compatible
    with an extremely wide range of prime and telephoto lenses, this modification allows
    experienced film makers to easily migrate their skills and their optical equipment to the
  • SRW-9000
    Every SRW-9000 is upgradable
    Upgradability was always a key factor in the design of the SRW-9000, which is why even
    the very first examples can accept the HKSR-90PL upgrade

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