Sony MSU-950 Portable Master Setup Unit for Sony Mult-Format HDC Camera Systems


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-Removed from working corporate environment.  It is missing 2 button covers (refer to images) but the buttons themselves still engage.  The screen cover has some wear but the screen still functions fine.


  • Multi camera control
    • Camera selection switches are provided to access up to 12 cameras. An “Expand” switch allows the maximum number of cameras to be increased to 96, if required.
  • Comprehensive Filing System
    • The MSU-950 includes the ability to store frequently used camera settings in scene files, which can be quickly recalled when required. Settings are stored within the camera head, and can be transferred between cameras if required. Scene files may also be stored on memory stick for additional security.
  • Controls various Sony camera types
    • When connected to the MSU through the appropriate Camera Control Unit (CCU), various camera types can be controlled through a single panel. The MSU-950 is compatible with BVP-E30 series and HDC-1500 series cameras, as well as the older BVP-500/550/570, BVP-E10, BVP-950 and HDC-900 series cameras.
  • Simple control interface
  • “Standard” Button
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