Sony PCM-R500 DAT Audio Recorder/Player

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A rugged DAT recorder with enough features to satisfy even the most demanding professional, Sony’s PCM-R500 offers balanced XLR analog, as well as AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O. The PCM-R500 also employs a durable 4 direct-drive motor tape transport for reliability and Super Bit Mapping noise shaping for better utilization of the high quality 20-bit resolutionA/D converters. A popular jog-shuttle knob is also featured.


  • High-Reliability 4 D.D. Transport: Transport mechanism is equipped with four direct drive motors for an extremely stable tape path.
  • Simple Operation: Easy operation with Shuttle and Jog Dial ensure easy system operation; use the Shuttle for easy fast forward and rewind, or the Jog Dial for convenient AMS/Program Number.
  • Flexible setup menu: Flexible setup menu for preference selection; user can access ID6 status, AES/EBU Start ID On/Off, Program Time Display (On/Off), level Sync Off/On, IEC Start ID On/Off, IEC CD-Q On/Off, level sync threshold, date/time, and more.
  • Remote Controllable: Utilize either the 8-pin DIN parallel remote control interface or the included wireless remote commander.
  • Wide Range of Audio Interface Options: The PCM-R500 offers both AES/EBU & SPDIF digital I/O, and +4 XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced analog I/O.
  • Super Bit Mapping In the A/D circuitry: The Super Bit Mapping (SBM) allows better utilization of the high-quality 20-Bit A/D converters by noise shaping the 20-bit dynamic range down to the standard 16-Bit dynamic range of the DAT format.
  • R-Core transformer for reduced leakage flux.
  • Independent Channel 1/Channel 2 recording level volume controls to eliminate cross talk.

Dimensions: 19″L x 14″W x 6″H | 17 lbs

Tested. Tape door missing(Refer to images). Removed from a corporate working environment.