Sony PVW-2800 BETACAM SP Videocassette Recorder/Player


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  • High Speed Picture Search Picture search can be made at various speeds over a range of up to 24 times normal speed in forward and reverse by using the search dial mode incorporated on the unit. A recognizable color picture can be obtained at up to ten times (24 times in monochrome
  • RS-422A Serial Interface (9-pin) Provided for versatile editing system expansion and flexible system control.
  • Superior Picture Quality This format uses the component recording, which the chrominance signals (R-Y, B-Y)are time compressed and recorded on one track, using CTDM (Compressed Time Division Multiplex) system originally developed by Sony, while the luminance signal is recorded on
  • High Quality Audio Thanks to the tape speed of the format and the adoption of the proven Dolby C-type NR, the PVW-2800 offers high quality audio with a wide dynamic range even at high frequencies, minimum distortion and excellent S/N ratio.
  • Longer Playback Time Both L-size and S-size cassettes are accepted, giving playback times of over 90 minutes and over 30 minutes respectively.
  • Built-in Time Base Corrector A superior quality output video is obtained directly from the PVW-2650, with no additional time base correction required. Advanced high quality digital dropout compensation also ensures consistent picture performance.
  • Character Display A built-in character generator is provided and characters can be superimposed on the signal from Video Output 3 or the Monitor Output. It displays either time code reader data or CTL timer data.

Tested. Removed from a working corporate environment.

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