Sony Tektronic WFM1125 HDTV Waveform Monitor

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The WFM 1125 Digital Television Waveform Monitor Option 0A/0B/0C/0D measures and displays HDTV serial digital signals. The waveform monitor is a fully digital waveform monitor with a variety of standard measurement modes displayed on an internal VGA display. An external VGA display output is also provided. The digital architecture of the waveform monitor allows you to save
the displayed waveform to an internal memory. In order to properly display intermittent events that may be missed in a single-line select mode, the waveform monitor has a persistence display feature combining information from many TV lines, much like an analog waveform monitor.


  • Save and Display feature that saves and recalls the currently displayed signal
  •  CRC error detection
  •  Gamut error detection
  •  Infinite mode in persistence display that retains the image of transient signals
  •  Overlay and Parade displays
  •  Diamond, Lightning, and Bowtie displays
  •  Four graticules for waveform display
  •  Serial digital monitor output and CRC error monitor output
  •  Analog external reference input with passive loop through, bi-level or
    tri-level sync
  •  AES/EBU digital audio output (except for 720/60p, 720/59.94p, 1080/24p,
    and 1080/23.98p)
  •  Y, Pb, Pr picture monitor analog output from selected serial digital signal

Dimensions: 18″L x 9″W x 5″H/ 13 lbs

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