Sony UP-5500 Color Video Printer

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The Sony UP5500 (UP-5500) A5 size analog color video printer provides photo-realistic prints in a fast 30 seconds. The printer has a resolution of 300dpi and comes standard with a RGB, S-video and composite interface. Other features include Picture-in-Picture function, remote control options, and multiple print modes. An optional SCSI interface with supporting Macintosh and PC Adobe Photoshop plug-in software is also available.
  • Superior Print Quality and Color at 300 dpi Resolution
  • High speed A5 size printing
  • Four frame memories (optional eight)
  • Multiple analog video input capability
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • Convenient remote controls
  • Loop-through output for system power saving
  • 3 Media Choices – UPC-5510, UPC-5510C or UPC-5530 print pack.
Removed from corporate working environment.
Weight: 56lbs
Dimensions: 25x21x10