Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 1200 Audio Mixer

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Dimensions: 33x11x22
Weight: 91lbs

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Description Description:

The Spirit Powerstation offers a well-balanced combination of features for mixing live bands, or driving a variety of installed or temporary sound systems.

The Powerstation 1200 boasts a 2 x 600 Watt into 4 Ohm amplifier and 16 mic/line inputs for larger bands and venues.

The Powerstation is equipped with a specially designed Lexicon effects Unit with dual effect capability (including Chorus and Reverb, Chorus and Delay, and Reverb and Delay) and fully editable and storable programs and parameters. It has a dedicated auxiliary send for the Lexicon effects (bringing the auxiliary count up to three), a steep 18dB per octave High Pass Filter and the high performance UltraMicâ„¢ padless preamp, as well as an integral patchbay, the 2 x 7 band graphics equaliser and 40Hz subsonic filter for speaker protection.


  • Medium PA
  • Gigging bands
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Presentations
  • Outdoor event


Features Features:
  • 16 mono input channels
  • 24 inputs (including 2-track returns)
  • Integrated power amp: 2 x 600W
  • 2 stereo input channels
  • High quality UltraMicâ„¢ preamps
  • Built-in Lexicon effects processors
  • 7-band graphic filter
  • 40Hz subsonic filter
  • Inserts on mono channels and mix outputs
  • PFL solo on all channels
  • Integral patchbay
  • 3-band EQ with swept mid
In The Box
  • Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 1200 Audio Mixer
  • Power Cable