Tektronix 2465B 400 MHz Analog Oscilloscope


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-Powers ON but not tested.  Removed from working corporate environment.

  • 4 vertical Verstärker Amplifier 400 MHz bandwidth
  • 350MHz with 2mV/Div
  • 5V/Div – 2mV/Div channel one and two
  • 0.1V or 0.5V for channel three and four
  • 1.5sec./Div – 500ps/Div
  • Step Response Time (Tr=0.35/BW) <=875ps
  • Digital readout for frequency, delta time, trigger levels and auxilary information
  • high vertical and horizontal accuracy
  • Auto Setup, hold, holdoff, single
  • Excellent trigger up to 500 MHz. Trigger AC, DC, LF rej, HF rej, noise rej, auto, norm, single, line, ext
  • XY-mode, alternate, chopper
  • Channel two invertable, Ch1+Ch2
  • Input Impedance 1Megohm 15pF or 50 Ohm
  • Good CRT Illumination
  • A sweep, B delayed sweep (zweite Zeitbasis)
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