Texas Instruments S4100 RFID MFR Evaluation Kit

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Multi-Function Reader – S4100 Evaluation Kit RX-MFR-RNLK-00 – EVALUATION KIT
Texas Instruments RFID Systems S4100 Multi-Function Reader (MFR) Evaluation Kit takes RFID integration to a new level. The kit enables users to experience the MFR and it’s functions in a PC based environment. The base application allows users to execute standard read/write/lock commands, as well as experiment with anti-collision and multiple-technology environments. With standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial I/O ports, the S4100 MFR is a plug and play solution, ideal for logical access applications, as well as financial, ticketing, access control, and others.
With support for 134.2 KHz and 13.56 MHz contactless technologies, the MFR makes migration from Low Frequency to High Frequency technologies painless and transparent. Modular firmware architecture combined with serial firmware programmability provides for system scaleability, meaning that the reader can be programmed to operate as a stand alone unit, or as part of a host controlled, multi-point system.
MFR-based Housed S4100 Reader
1 – Universal Power Supply
1 – Global power adapters
1 – RS-232 Communications Cable
1 – Sample HF and LF Transponders
1 – Spare MFR module RF-MGR-MNMN
1 – CD with Demo Software, and Reference Manuals
1 – Getting Started Guide
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