The Light Source 16″ Mega-Beam Clamp, 3 Ton, Silver MBC3T-16M




The Mega-Beam Clamp is a low profile, sliding jaw design that allows the load to be secured as closely as possible to the I-beam. The 16″” model is load rated for 3 tons.
Two aircraft aluminum jaws are adjusted on the 3/4″”-6 TPI Acme threaded shaft. The spring loaded handle locks after adjustment. The center hole is 1 1/2″”.
The 16″” Mega-Beam Clamp fastens from 2″” to 16″” wide on I-beam flanges up to 1″” thick. For I-beam flanges up to 2″” thick, Mega-Beam Clamps are available with 2″” jaws. The 2″” jaws may also be purchased separately.
The aluminum construction is half the weight of steel units and has a wider gripping range.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 23 in