The Light Source Mega-Coupler Pipe Adapter 1.5 Pipe Blk MP1.5B.5B

SKU: MP1.5B.5B



Description Description:

The Pipe to Coupler Adapter can be used to rig pipe-mounted plasma screens, projectors and speakers from overhead pipe or truss. The Pipe to Coupler Adapter attaches a standard threaded NPT 1-1/2″” pipe (1.9″” OD) to a Mega-Coupler. There are two interlocking tabs to keep the adapter from rotating. The Adapter is fastened to the Mega-Coupler with a 1/2″”-13 tpi by 1″” long bolt and a jam nut (not included). There is a 1/4-20 set screw to lock the pipe rotation, and an inspection hole to verify that the pipe is fully inserted.
The Mega-Coupler Pipe Adapter can also be used on a Mega-Claw.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1 × 1 in
  • Weight: 3 lbs