Vintage Soundcraft 200B 16-Channel 4 Bus Analog Mixing Console w/ Road Case 1b

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Brilliant analogue vintage mixer that was produced in the late ’70s and ’80s.
Modular channel strips make repairing/replacing and modding very straightforward.


  • 2 XLR mix/master out with insert (TRS) capabilities – can also send to 2-track and monitor master/final mix.
  • 4 XLR Direct outs for the groups and 8 returns (TRS) (tape returns – to monitor a recording device like an 8 track tape machine)
  • Groups have faders, input volume controls and panning
  • 4 VU meters that can be used for the master out or group outs. (no lights on VU meters)
  • 4 aux masters for effects level control (TRS)
  • Built in talk back mic and oscillator
  • Headphone jack

Notes: Channels 3, 7, 11, 15, and 16 bad faders.  Channel 16 sticks.

Dimensions: 37 x 11 x 32 | 120 lbs