Vinten 3983-3B Pedestal Pro-Ped OB – Black

SKU: N49888


Payload to 121lbs/55kg with 150mm wheels, track locks & trim weights.

Sold By: AV Gear
Description Description:

The Vinten Pro Ped OB Pedestal is a lightweight, economical, Mitchell flange-mount pedestal meant primarily for field use, and supports up to 120 lbs (55 kg). It features a self-pumping pneumatic counterbalance system capable of suspending the payload within a 32.0″ (81.5 cm) range of travel, and is capable of seamless on-shot 16.1″ (41.0 cm) movements. This OB version has Large 6″ (15 cm) wheels help convey the Pro Ped across uneven surfaces, and it breaks down into manageable pieces without tools for transport.

Features Features:
  • Relatively lightweight and compact for field use
  • Self-pumping pneumatic counterbalance
  • 21.0" (53.4 cm) steering ring
  • 6" (15 cm) OB wheels for uneven surfaces
  • Trim weights included for fine balance
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