Vision Research Phantom CineMag II 512GB & CineStation High-Speed Imaging Recorder

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Description Description:

-Removed from working corporate environment.

-Includes:  (2) Phantom CineStations w/ cover plates, Cinemag II (512 GB), (2) Phantom Power Supplies w/ 3-pin female connectors, Pelican hard case w/ wheels

-NOTE:  CineStation VR0809 9046 does have a little bit louder fan than the other CineStation.

CineMag Features:

  • Loop Mode
  • Auto-Save
  • Direct-Record (Run/Stop) Mode
  • Playback over SDI
  • Compatible with:
    • vXX0, vXX1, vXX2, vXX10, vXX11, v12.1, HD/65, Flex(2K)
  • Download via: Camera or CineStation-B; CineStation-X2SR
  • Throughput:  800 Mpx/sec

CineStation Features:

  • The Phantom CineStation is the download station for the CineMag. This keeps the camera free for doing its job – capturing high-speed video.  A CineStation works by connecting it to a PC running the supplied PCC software via Gb or 10Gb Ethernet. The user can view each Cine stored on the CineMag, set in- and out-points to trim the Cines, and save the files to a connected hard disk drive. This process can also be fully automated.