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  • adj-h20-dmx-ir-water-effect-fixture-MAIN

    ADJ H20 DMX IR Water Effect Fixture


    Powered by a bright 80W LED source, the ADJ H2O DMX IR is simulated water flowing effect that creates an exciting atmosphere that may be projected on walls, ceilings, floors and backdrops. This projector may be controlled by DMX or the optional UC IR wireless controller (sold separately). Dimensions: 12x9x8 Weight: 9lbs

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  • adj-focus-flex-l7-moving-head-fixture-MAIN

    ADJ FOCUS FLEX L7 Moving Head Fixture


    The Focus Flex L7 offers lighting designers the creative flexibility of generating vibrant washes, punchy beams, and eye-catching pixel effects from one compact and quick automated luminaire. Powered by an array of seven potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBL color mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently, it offers a motorized zoom function providing the…

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  • adj-focus-wash-400-led-moving-head-wash-fixture-MAIN

    ADJ FOCUS WASH 400 LED Moving Head Wash Fixture


    The FOCUS WASH 400 is a 400W, RGBACL (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan and Lime) LED moving head wash with a 10 to 41 degree motorized zoom, with flicker free operation for TV and film, linear white color temperature control from 2700K – 6500K, and virtual CMY color mixing. Dimensions: 11x9x23 Weight: 24lbs

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  • adj-encore-fr-pro-color-fresnel-fixture-400w-led-b-stock-MAIN

    ADJ ENCORE FR PRO COLOR Fresnel Fixture 400W LED


    The ADJ Lighting Encore FR Pro Color is a professional grade Fresnel fixture with a 7-inch lens designed for key light, as a fill light and as a back light. It offers a full spectrum of colors with CMY Color Mixing DMX modes, and tunable white color temperatures from 2400K to 8500K. It’s powered by…

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  • adj-entour-snow-1250w-snow-machine-FRONT

    ADJ ENTOUR SNOW 1250W Snow Machine


    Part of the ADJ Entour Series of atmospherics, the Entour Snow is a high-output snow machine designed for professional installation and touring applications. The machine is capable of projecting imitation snow upwards to a distance of up to 10m and outwards across a distance of up to 12m, making this unit ideal for large venues…

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  • ADJ Hydro Beam X12 IP65 Moving Head


    Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the  ADJ Hydro Beam X12 has a robust construction and an IP65-rating. Its durable casing protects it from dust, sand, moisture, and liquids, making it ideal for use in all situations from sandy beach parties to rainy festival fields. Perfect for all kinds of outdoor events, as well…

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  • ADJ focus profile 400w led moving head

    ADJ Focus Profile 400W LED Moving Head


    The brightest and most feature-rich Focus Series fixture to date, the Focus Profile is a professional caliber automated profile luminaire designed for theatrical, concert touring and event production applications. It features a potent 400W LED engine, with a native color temperature of 6,700K and a CRI in excess of 70, coupled with an exhaustive collection…

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  • ADJ focus flex 7 pixel led moving head

    ADJ Focus Flex 7-Pixel RGBW LED Moving Head


    Compact, quick and punchy, the Focus Flex from ADJ Lighting is a versatile moving head luminaire capable of creating wash, beam and pixel effects. Designed to provide lighting designers with both flexibility and creative potential, it is ideal for event production and rental applications as well as for permanent installation in concert halls, theatres, nightclubs…

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  • Eliminator Lighting Frost FX Bar W LED Fixture

    Eliminator Lighting Frost FX Bar W RGBW LED Linear Fixture


    The Eliminator Lighting Frost FX BAR W is a 1-meter linear entertainment lighting fixture that creates color washes and breathtaking color chase effect. It has two types of color LEDs in one fixture. It has fourteen 3W white LEDs with ACL lens across the front of the fixture to create intense beam effects. Plus, it…

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  • adj-hydro-beam-x1-ip65-moving-head-fixture MAIN

    ADJ Hydro Beam X1 IP65 Moving Head Fixture


    The IP65-rated American DJ Hydro Beam X1 is a professional moving-head fixture designed for indoor or outdoor use and is well suited for events, festivals, touring companies, rental houses, houses of worship, and more. From the dusty deserts of Nevada to the rainy fields of England, this fixture can withstand all the elements including sand,…

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  • adj-vizi-beam-rxone-high-powered-moving-head-beam MAIN

    ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE High-Powered Moving Head Beam


    The black Vizi Beam RXONE is a quick, compact moving head fixture from American DJ. With its powerful Osram Sirius HRI 1R 100W discharge lamp, this fixture generates a sharp 3° beam capable of travelling up to 330′, and can also apply a frost filter to morph the beam into a 21° wash effect. Dimensions:…

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  • adj-focus-beam-led-80w-moving-head-fixture MAIN

    ADJ Focus Beam LED 80w Moving Head Fixture


    The American DJ Focus Beam LED is a professional-caliber moving head LED beam fixture designed for lighting installations and live performance applications in clubs, theaters, and concert productions. It features an 80W LED light source (rated at 50,000 hours), 630° pan, 270­° tilt, 16-bit movement resolution, and motorized focus. Dimensions: 11x7x18 Weight: 27lbs

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