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barco-communicator-touch-panel-r9855910-multi-user-fingertip-control-kit MAIN
  • Embedded PC version on the DP-1500, DP-2000 and DP-3000
  • "Touch" PC component is removable, enabling customers to use their own SMS (Screen Management System) display
  • Elementary redundant keypad is available on the projector
  • Provides "fingertip" control over the projector's lamp, dowser, test patterns, diagnostics, presets, ACS-2048, and server
Barco Projector Lamp for SLM G8 R8 R9 R10 G10 R12 Projectors w/ Housing Av Gear Main
  • Works with Barco SLM series of projectors:  R8 PERF, R8 EXEC, G8 EXEC, G8 PERF, R9, R9+, G10 EXEC, G10 PERF, R10 EXEC, R10 PERF, R12, R12+
$499.95 $450.00
Barco R9801276 GP4 400 W UHP Projector Lamp 1 for F85 Projector Main
-The 400W Lamp #1 for F85 from Barco is a lamp which replaces the first of the two lamps used by the F85 projector
$599.95 $510.00
Barco R9801277 400W Replacement Lamp #2 F85 Projector Main
-R9801277 Barco Projector Lamp Replacement. Projector Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original Philips UHP Bulb Inside.
$599.95 $510.00
Christie/Sanyo LNS-W32 Short Throw Projector Lens Front Top
  • Throw Ratio: 1.25 - 1.8:1 (1.11 - 1.59:1 for PLV-60HT / 60) (1.2 to 1.8:1 for PLV-70)
$74.95 $68.00
Christie 003-000884-01 Projector Housing with Genuine Original OEM Bulb Front
  • The assembly has a genuine OEM bulb inside, the bulb is produced by one of the industry's leading bulb manufacturers: Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix.
$69.00 $63.00
christie-003-100857-02-350w-projector-lamp-lot-of-15 MAIN
  • Lamp life: High power: 1500 hrs @ 350W, Low power: 2000 hrs @ 300W
  • Model#:003-100857-02
Christie 103-117100-01 0.8:1 Fixed Projector Lens 1
  • Compatible with: Christie DHD700; Christie DHD800; Christie DS+750
  • Focal Length: 17.1
  • Motor Driven: Focus
  • F-Value: 2.0
$3,995.00 $3,396.00
Christie 108-309101-01 Digital Analog Input Card (UNTESTED) main
  • 5 BNC connector interface for analog input
  • RGBH&V input via 5 connector interface
  • Component YPbPr via RGB input
christie-108-310101-01-digital-video-decoder-input-card-untested main
  • 4 BNC connectors that can be grouped to allow combinations of CVBS, S-Video, YPrPb or RGB video sources
  • 2 mini-DIN connectors (for S-video signals)
  • Accepts the following standard definition (SD) video input formats: CVBS (composite video) S-Video Component NTSC 3.58 NTSC 4.4 PAL PAL-N PAL-M SECAM
Christie Digital Systems Fixed XGA/SXGA 1.2:1 Minolta Projector Lens - Main
  • Christie Digital Systems Fixed XGA/SXGA 1.2:1 Minolta Projector Lens
$699.00 $595.00
Christie Digital Systems Zoom XGA/SXGA 4.0-7.0:1 Minolta w/Case - Main
  • Protective Case
$529.95 $451.00
0671-hd-0.95" 3-Chip DLP (Minor Marks on Glass) main
  • Compatibility: Christie DS+10K/14K/6K/8K Series, Christie HD Series, Christie WU/WX Series, Christie Matrix WU7K-J, Christie Mirage Series, Christie Roadster Series
  • Throw Ratio: 0.67:1 (HD), 0.73:1 (SXGA+)
christie-lns-w05-short-throw-zoom-lens-f20-2.6 f=36-50mm main
  • F2.0-2.6 f=36-50mm
  • Short Throw Zoom Lens
Sanyo LNS-W31A Motorized Projector Zoom Lens Short Throw Main
  • 0.8 Fixed Wide-Angle Lens
  • Compatible with Sanyo XP Series Projectors (Needs Adapter)
  • Compatible with some Eiki & Christie Projectors (Needs Adapter)
$399.95 $360.00