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  • JVC BN-VC2128G EXTENDED LIFE BATTERY FOR 500 SERIES (12.8 aH, 92 Wh, 7.2V) main

    JVC BN-VC2128G Extended Life Battery for 500 Series (12.8 aH, 92 Wh, 7.2V)


    This is the extended Life Battery for the new GY-HC500, GY- HC500SPC and GY-HC550 CONNECTED CAM™ camcorders.

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  • jvc-swit-bn-s8823-72v-lithium-ion-battery-for-gy-hm100-150-170 MAIN

    JVC SWIT BN-S8823 7.2V Lithium Ion Battery for GY-HM100/150/170


    The SWIT BN-S8823 7.2V Lithium Ion Battery from JVC is a 7.2V, 2600mAh battery that works with the JVC GY-HM100, GY-HM150, and GY-HM170 camcorders. The battery has a four-level LED indicator, so you can tell on sight roughly how much power remains before you attach it to the camera. The BN-S8823 is equivalent to JVC’s…

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  • jvc-dionicxt90gm-anton-bauer-dionic-xt90-gold-mount-battery MAIN

    JVC DIONICXT90GM Anton-Bauer Dionic XT90 Gold Mount Battery


    The XT series of batteries from Anton Bauer is designed and engineered to give the longest lasting and most reliable Li-ion batteries in their class. With a 12A constant current capability (20A for 2s to deal with inrush on challenging loads) the XT series will power even the most demanding 14.4V cameras and LED fixtures….

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  • jvc-ia-70a-idx-system-technology-single-channel-dc-power-supply MAIN

    JVC IA-70A IDX System Technology Single Channel DC Power Supply


    The IDX IA-70a Single Channel DC Power Supply is a 70W AC power supply offering a 4-pin XLR output suitable for use with ENG cameras. It features a rugged yet lightweight metal housing with plenty of ventilation slots, and an integrated carry handle. The power supply outputs a nominal 14.5 VDC, however the output range…

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  • jvc-pv-endura-mounting-plate MAIN

    JVC-PV Endura Mounting Plate


    The JVC JVC-PV is a battery mounting plate adaptor for the IDX Endura system batteries. The JVC-PV easily converts the JVC GY-HD200/250 professional DV camcorders to a V-Mount. A two-Pin D-Tap DC-out connector allows an on camera light to receive power from the on camera battery.

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  • jvc-ka-pw790vg-power-wafer-idx-mount MAIN

    JVC KA-PW790VG Power Wafer (V Mount)


    The KA-PW790VG Power Wafer from JVC is a camera-side power wafer with an IDX mount designed to be used with an FS-790PNVRG, FS-790PNVCG, FS-790PSVRG, or FS-790PSVCG fiber optic multiplexing system.

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  • jvc-lc-2j-dual-charger-for-ssl-jvc50-74v-jvc-batteries MAIN

    JVC LC-2J Dual Charger for SSL-JVC50 7.4V JVC Batteries


    The JVC LC-2J Dual Charger for SSL-JVC50 7.4V Batteries can simultaneously charge two SSL-JVC50 7.4V batteries. SSL-JVC50 batteries are JVC-packaged IDX batteries for the GY-HMQ10, HM600, and HM650 JVC camcorders.

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  • anton-bauer-tandem-70-on-camera-ac-power-charger MAIN

    Anton Bauer Tandem-70 On-Camera AC Power/Charger


    Anton Bauer’s Tandem-70 offers a new approach to portable power. It combines all the functionality of a one position InterActive® charger with the convenience of a noise free camera mounted wide range AC Mains Adapter. The Tandem-70 will power even the most power hungry high definition camera from any worldwide AC source.

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    Blackmagic Design BMD-CINECAMPOCHDXBT2 Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery Grip


    Add up to three hours of shooting time from two batteries to your Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro with this Pocket Cinema Camera Battery Grip from Blackmagic Design. The battery grip features nonslip handgrips on the sides, and it’s constructed with lightweight, durable carbon fiber material. The grip installs onto the bottom of the Pocket…

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  • juicebox-jb-jbvb-01s-150wh-lithium-ion-battery-v-mount MAIN

    Juicebox JB-JBVB-01S 150Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (V-Mount)


    Power your digital cine and ENG cameras, as well as other power-hungry V-mount devices, with this 150Wh Lithium-Ion Battery from Juicebox. This battery is slim in size but big in power, with a 150Wh capacity to power RED, ARRI, and Blackmagic URSA cameras, as well as other V-mount-powered cameras and devices such as lights.

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  • jvc-aa-vc20u-dual-battery-fast-charger-for-bn-vc296g-and-bn-vc2128g-batteries MAIN

    JVC AA-VC20U Dual-Battery Fast Charger for BN-VC296G and BN-VC2128G Batteries


    The AA-VC20U Dual-Battery Charger simultaneously charges two JVC BN-VC296G and/or BN-VC2128 lithium-ion batteries, confirming charge status via an LED indicator next to each battery slot. The LED turns from red to green when the battery is charged, and it blinks red if charging stops due to an error. The charger connects to a power outlet…

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  • juicebox-jb-jbgm-95-lithium-ion-battery-with-d-tap-charger-95wh-gold-mount MAIN

    Juicebox JB-JBGM-95 Lithium-Ion Battery with D-Tap Charger (95Wh, Gold Mount)


    Power your digital cine and ENG cameras, as well as other power-hungry devices, with this Lithium-Ion Battery with D-Tap Charger from Juicebox. With a capacity of 95Wh, it is slim in size but big in power. Supporting a total power draw of 10.4A across its Gold mount, D-Tap, and coaxial ports, this battery is ready…

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