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Leprecon LD-2400 - 6 Ch Lighting Dimmer - Main
Leprecon LD-2400 – 6 Ch Lighting Dimmer Power input is configured with a 10 contact Amp powerlock connector and which plugs directly into dimmer.Dimmer…
Leprecon LD-360 Series 6 Channel DMX - MAIN
The whole line of Leprecon dimmers come with the same rugged durability and reliability of all their touring dimmers. Further, these dimmers use dual…
Strand Lighting - Vintage Wooden Lighting Console Dimmer - TOP
Strand Lighting Console Dimmer with 9 unique dimmers, 8 individual buttons, and Manual Control. DIMENSIONS: 7″ x 12″ x 3″ WEIGHT: 4 lbs REMOVED…