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  • azden-pro-xr-24ghz-digital-wireless-mic-system-w-signal-redundancy MAIN

    Azden PRO-XR 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Mic System w/ Signal Redundancy


    2.4GHz digital wireless mic system w/ signal redundancy

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  • azden-sws-250-furry-windshield-for-sgm-250-sgm-250p-microphones MAIN

    Azden SWS-250 Furry Windshield for SGM-250 & SGM-250P Microphones


    Furry windshield for SGM-250 & SGM-250P microphones

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  • azden-sws-30-furry-windshield-for-smx-30-microphone MAIN

    Azden SWS-30 Furry Windshield for SMX-30 Microphone


    Furry windshield for SMX-30 microphone

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  • azden-ex-503i-pro-studio-lapel-mic-w-trrs-plug-for-ios-android MAIN

    Azden EX-503i Pro Studio Lapel Mic w/ TRRS Plug for iOS & Android


    Pro studio lapel mic w/ TRRS plug for iOS & Android

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  • Azden SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Mic w/ +20dB Boost


    Stereo/mono switchable video mic w/ +20dB boost

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  • azden-smx-15-powered-shotgun-video-microphone-w-20db-boost MAIN

    Azden SMX-15 Powered Shotgun Video Microphone w/ +20dB Boost


    Powered shotgun video microphone w/ +20dB boost

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  • azden-mx-r1-35mm-male-trs-to-xlr-male-cable MAIN

    Azden MX-R1 3.5mm male TRS to XLR male cable


    3.5mm male TRS to XLR male cable

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  • azden-mx-m1-35mm-male-trs-to-mini-xlr-male-cable MAIN

    Azden MX-M1 3.5mm Male TRS to Mini-XLR Male Cable


    3.5mm male TRS to mini-XLR male cable

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  • azden-mx-m2-35mm-female-trs-to-mini-xlr-male-cable MAIN

    Azden MX-M2 3.5mm Female TRS to Mini-XLR Male Cable


    3.5mm female TRS to mini-XLR male cable

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  • azden-fmx-32a-professional-portable-mixer-w-3-xlr-inputs MAIN

    Azden FMX-32a Professional Portable Mixer w/ 3 XLR Inputs


    Professional portable mixer w/ 3 XLR inputs

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  • Sale! Azden Microphone 8" Plug - Main

    Azden Microphone 8″ Plug


    Features 8″ Plug Omnidirectional Polar Pattern Compatible with Azden Bodypacks

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  • azden-fmx-dslr-2-channel-audio-mixer-adapter-for-dslr-cameras MAIN

    Azden FMX-DSLR 2-Channel Audio Mixer/Adapter for DSLR Cameras


    2-channel audio mixer/adapter for DSLR cameras

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