Aphex 1788A – 8 Channel Remote Controlled Microphone Preamplifier



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The Aphex Model 1788A is a premium 8-channel remote controlled microphone preamplifier with sophisticated features. Remote control means the preamps can be located anywhere they are needed for optimum performance. By locating 1788A’s just off-stage, near the microphones for example, many difficulties can easily be overcome such as long mic lines picking up noise and RF interference; capacitance of long mic lines degrading the high end response; mic splitters dumping multiple loads onto the mic knocking down output level and making mics sound dull and lifeless.

  • Eight Balanced MIC Inputs on XLR.
  • Eight Servo-Balanced MAIN Line Outputs on XLR.
  • Eight Active Balanced AUX Line Outputs on one 25 Pin D-Sub following Tascam pinout.
  • Up to 300 units (2400 mics) can be controlled by software and 64 banks of 16 units can be controlled by the hardware remote simultaneously.
  • Drift Stabilized A/D Converter perfectly balances the ADC and eliminating its digital highpass filter.

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  • Aphex 1788A - 8 Channel Remote Controlled Microphone Preamplifier