Doug Fleenor Model 125 DMX512 Isolated Splitter

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Description Description:

The Doug Fleenor Design 125-5 DMX512 Isolated Splitter /Amplifier provides 5 outputs from a single DMX512 input. It also amplifies and isolates the signal as well. It allows the DMX signal to be split without the possibility of reflections from one signal path interfering with the signal to a device on a different path. Each output is electrically isolated from the input, and every other output, by 2500 volt optical couplers. Each output has its own line driver and associated power supply. By isolating each output, electrical noise and hazardous voltages on one output are prevented from affecting (or damaging) devices on the input or another output.

Features Features:
  • Input is electrically isolated from output.
  • Outputs are isolated from each other.
  • Outputs are separately buffered.
  • No user adjustments.
  • DMX pinouts are printed on the splitter.
  • Powder coated 1/10" aluminum chassis.
  • Gold plated Neutrik 5 pin connectors.
  • All integrated circuits are socketed.
  • Uses 2500 Volt optical couplers.
  • Forty times faster than DMX data rate.
  • "Air gap" circuit board under isolator.
  • 60 mA drive current.
  • Power and input signal indicators.
In The Box
  • Doug Fleenor 125 DMX512 Isolated Splitter

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14 × 12 × 7 in
  • Weight: 8 lbs