Eectro-Voice CDR-1000 Dual RE-1 Receiver


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The CDR-1000 includes all the great features of the CSR-1000 single receiver, like Advanced ClearScan, but also some very unique exceptions. The CDR-1000 has antenna pass through connections that allow a user to connect three duals (six receivers) to two antennas. The CDR-1000 also has an IEC Cord internal switching power supply.


  • Advanced ClearScanTM technology for selecting clear channels and compatible groups
  • 960 Radio Channels, user programmable or factory installed
  •  LCD Displays for ease of viewing
  •  Patented DSP Phase Diversity System
  •  USB Port for downloading soft ware enhancements in the receiver
  •  Adjustable Unbalanced Line Level 1/4 inch output jack
  •  Fixed balanced Micro phone Level XLR out put jack
  •  Front Panel Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Quadruple Tuned Ceramic Resonator front end for superior interference rejection
  • SAW Filter 1st I.F for out of band rejection
  • Triple ceramic filters in 2nd I.F. for adjacent channel rejection
  • Double Tuned Quadrature circuit for low audio distortion
  • Permanent Flash Memory for frequency/system storage.
  • Front Panel Soft ware Control of Squelch settings
  • Double Squelch (Amplitude and Tone) system prevents false squelch
  • Lock out feature to prevent accidental channel changes
  • Sound Check mode to speed walk testing and provide tangible results
  • “Smart” battery feature in the transmitter means there is no wrong orientation
  •  Interchangeable heads on the handheld transmitter
  •  Over-molded Warmgrip™ handle on the handheld transmitter
  • Cast magnesium case on the bodypack transmitter

DIMENSIONS: 2″ H x 16″ W x 12″ D

Removed from working corporate environment. 

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