Evertz 7700TPI VistaLINK Third Party Interface Module

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The 7700TPI VistaLINK® PRO module links third-party equipment and Evertz VistaLINK® Network Management System (NMS). Third-party equipment with fault alarming capabilities via General Purpose Outputs (GPO), serial RS-232/422/485 connection, or Ethernet can communicate fault alarm conditions to the VistaLINK® application software through the 7700TPI to SNMP translator thereby extending fault monitoring capabilities across the broadcast network.

  • 20 opto-isolated General Purpose Inputs (GPI)
  • Enabled GPI alerts translated and reported to Network Management System (NMS) user interface via SNMP
  • Selectable +5V or +12V supply for driving GPI over longer cable runs
  • 8 relay closure General Purpose Outputs (GPO)
  • 4 serial ports RS-232/422 selectable

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  • Evertz 7700TPI VistaLINK Third Party Interface Module