Fujinon HA18 BERM semi servo used lens

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Description Description:

The Fujinon HA18x7.6BERM-M6B ENG Style Lens with Digi Power Servo Zoom is a 7.6-137mm lens, designed to provide 2/3″ cameras with a wide to telephoto angle-of-view. The lens has an 18x zoom ratio, and a 2x extender effectively doubles the focal range. The maximum aperture is a fast f/1.8 at 7.6-105mm and stops down to f/2.4 at 137mm. The lens also includes a Digi Power servo zoom.

Features Features:
  • 7.6-137mm Lens for 2/3" Cameras
  • Fast f/1.8 Max Aperture at 7.6-105mm
  • Innerfocus, QuickZoom, and Zoom Limit
  • 18x Zoom Ratio and 2x Extender
  • Digi Power Servo Zoom
  • Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis

Product Specifications:

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  • Weight: 4 lbs