Fujinon TH1 A16x5.5BRM-59 1:14/5.5-88mm



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Fujinon TH1 A16x5.5BRM-59 1:14/5.5-88mm

  • The "A16x5.5" indicates that this lens has a 16x optical zoom range
  • f/1.4. A lower f-number like f/1.4 indicates that the lens is capable of gathering more light
  • The lens covers a variable focal length range from 5.5mm to 88mm, providing versatility for different shooting situations.
  • These lenses are typically designed to work seamlessly with professional video cameras and broadcast equipment.
  • Parfocal lenses maintain focus as you zoom, making them ideal for video work where focus changes during zooming would be undesirable.

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  • Fujinon TH1 A16x5.5BRM-59 1:14/5.5-88mm