Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner

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The PL-PLUS Power Conditioner  is the perfect accessory to any equipment rack, providing the basic power protection essential to every audio or video system. Install a PL-PLUS in the top slot of your rack, and the eight switched AC outlets on the rear panel will power up all your equipment while its two slide-out light fixtures provide discreet illumination of the controls on stages, in studios, or in any dark place. A dimmer control lets you adjust the lamp brightness to just the right level. Model PL-PLUS offers improved noise filtering and an AC voltmeter. The 20 LED bar-graph voltmeter reads from 90 to 128 volts in 2-volt steps. It also offers a sophisticated RFI filter network with a greatly improved capacity for stopping line noise. This filter incorporates a toroidal inductor and three high-voltage capacitors to achieve a common-mode noise attenuation of over 50dB at 10 MHz.
Weight: 10lbs
Dimensions: 19x8x2