EAW JFX260i Full-Range Multi-Functional Loudspeaker

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The JFX260i full-range loudspeaker is a multi-functional design, adding considerably to its value as a full-range loudspeaker. It is an ideal size and output for wide range of programs. Combing high output capability with natural reproduction, it is specifically outfitted to serve in a variety of both portable and permanent applications.


• Ideal size and performance for rigorous all-purpose use
• 12-inch LF driver for best vocal and music reproduction
• 60° pattern optimized for controlled coverage and horizontal arrays
• Asymmetric enclosure provides multiple mounting angles
• Pole mount & fly track plus Omnimount® Series 120.0 compatible
mounting points
• User-selectable, single-amplified and bi-amplified operating modes

Tested. Removed from a corporate working environment.