Klark Teknik DN301 Attenuating Equalizer EQ


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The graphic equalizer is a vital component in any audio system. The entire signal passes through it and so any limitations imposed by the equalizer will compromise the performance of the whole system. For example, an indifferently designed equalizer may introduce severe phase distortion, noise and other anomalies related to center frequency accuracy, filter shape and attenuation accuracy which may manifest themselves as an overall deterioration in the perceived sound quality of the system. Clearly this is an unacceptable state of affairs, but fortunately your choice to utilize Klark-Teknik graphic equalizer product will eliminate these problems, offering you unprecedented product performance coupled with the highest filter calibration and reliability standards in the industry.

For many years Klark-Teknik has been at the forefront of equalizer design, and have carried out detailed research into optimum filter response characteristics, including their sonic performance.

The Series 300 range of equalizers is a direct result of this research. It should be noted that graphic equalization cannot always overcome all frequency response related problems. There are applications where the ability to cut or boost the response at a particular frequency, or over a certain bandwidth other than the equalizer specified one, is required to overcome exceptionally difficult response anomalies or narrow band feedback problems. When such an instance is encountered, it may be more appropriate to use the greater range of control provided by a parametric type equalizer, where the center frequency, bandwidth and amplitude are all controllable.\

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