KLARK TEKNIK DN9652-UL Dual Network Bridge Format Converter with up to 64 Bidirectional Channels and Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion



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The Klark Teknik DN9652 Digital Audio Network Bridge provides a multichannel interface between two 3rd-party digital audio networks and point-to-point interfaces. The 3rd-party interfaces operate in separate clock domains and are connected by a bidirectional asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC). This technology allows the interfacing of up to 64 bidirectional channels between two independently clocked domains, which can also operate at different sampler rates.

The DN9652 is future-proof by being able to support new and emerging protocols via its two expansion slots, which are compatible with Cirrus CM-1 format, offering compatibility with Klark Teknik KT-AES50, KT-DANTE64, KT-MADI and KT-USB network modules.

  • 64 Bidirectional Channels
  • Compatible with KT-MADI & KT-USB Modules
  • Bidirectional Output Audio Clock
  • Video Synchronization: Standard & HD
  • Features Neutrik etherCON Network Ports
  • Compatible with KT-AES50 & KT-DANTE64
  • Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion
  • 24-Bit Audio with 48/96 kHz Sample Rate
  • Internal Web Server
  • Universal Power Supply

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 13 in

  • Klark Teknik DN9652 Dual Network Bridge Format Converter
  • Power Cord