LABGRUPPEN LAB.LEVEL4 Tabletop Volume Controller for Commercial Install Series and LUCIA Amplifiers



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LAB.LEVEL4 is a stylish, high-resolution volume device that works seamlessly with Lab Gruppen’s Commercial Amplifier range of compact commercial install devices. Enabling convenient and high-precision control of your background music from any location: right at your fingertips. Designed for a range of applications from restaurants to large retail stores, LAB.LEVEL4 offers ultimate control over volume. It does this by connecting to the devices REMOTE input. LAB.LEVEL also features a solid, compact ‘slip-free’ design that fits into any set-up without the need for any extra power supply. It’s sturdy, elegant casing is made from a luxurious aluminium that blends practically and beautifully into any modern decor.


  • Stylish tabletop volume controller with high resolution
  • Fixed cable with RJ-45 connector for simple extension
  • Connect to the Remote port on any Lab Gruppen Commercial Install Series model or wire up to the GPI port on any LUCIA model
  • Configurable to operate from 1 up to 4 ganged output channel volume
  • Brushed aluminum high quality finish
  • Rubberized base plate for non slip operation

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 19 in

  • LABGRUPPEN LAB.LEVEL4 Tabletop Volume Controller for LUCIA Amplifiers