QSC Q-SYS I/O Frame + (4) CIML4 Input Cards




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The I/O Frame, running a customized Linux operating system, provides the main input and output connections for the Q-SYS system. The Core connects to the I/O Frame via the Q-SYS network, limiting the number of I/O Frames only to the size of your Core, and network bandwidth. An I/O Frame can contain up to four of the five available Audio I/O cards.

  • I/O Frames may be equipped with a variety of audio input and output cards
  • Premium 24-bit AD and DA conversion used throughout
  • I/O Frames may be located with the Core or remotely – whichever best suits the needs of the installation
  • Intuitive and easy to use design GUI
  • Uses standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware for audio transport and control

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  • QSC Q-SYS I/O Frame + (4) CIML4 Input Cards