RME MADI Converter – 6 x MADI Optical to BNC / BNC to Optical Converter



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The MADI Converter from RME contains six, fully independent, bi-directional converters, that can be used to convert MADI digital audio streams from optical format to coaxial, and vice versa. The main use for this unit is in live and installed setups to integrate various MADI sources/destinations that utilize different MADI formats, and to provide for longer cable runs. It is also an ideal companion to RME’s MADI Bridge, a 8 x 64 channel MADI switcher/router.

  • Six, bi-directional MADI optical to BNC / BNC to optical converters, housed in a single space rack-mount chassis
  • All twelve inputs are equipped with status LEDs on the front panel
  • Input signal pass through unaltered
  • Supports any format, 56 or 64 channels, at any sample rates
  • Not affected by embedded invisible control commands, out-of-spec data rates, or violations of the MADI protocol
  • Through the use of equalizing and highly sensitive input stages, coaxial cable lengths of 100 meters can be achieved
  • Includes a 1 input, 3 output MIDI distributor
  • Internal switching power supply allows operation with voltages ranging from 100 to 240 AC Volts
  • Short-circuit-proof, has an integrated line-filter, is fully regulated against voltage fluctuations and suppresses mains interference

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 5 in

  • RME MADI Converter - 6 x MADI Optical to BNC / BNC to Optical Converter
  • AC Power Cable