Sanyo LNS-S02 Lens for XF Projectors (No Circuit Board)


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The Sanyo LNSS02 Standard Zoom Lens is compatible with Sanyo PLC-EF12N, PLC-EF12NL, PLC-EF30N, PLC-EF30NL, PLC-EF31N, PLC-EF31NL, PLC-UF10, PLC-UF15, PLC-XF12N, PLC-XF12NL, PLC-XF30N, PLC-XF30NL, PLC-XF31N, PLC-XF31NL, PLC-XF35N, PLC-XF35NL, PLC-XF41, PLC-XF45, PLV-HD100, PLV-HD150, PLV-WF10.


Note: Circuit board has been removed from lens; untested.
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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in